Old Man Ben &

The Grown-ass Men

Howdy friends and neighbors,

It is our pleasure to introduce Old Man Ben and the Grown Ass Men, born as a band in the midst of the pandemic in Philipsburg, Montana, and only now getting the opportunity to prove to the world that they surely ain't no boy band.

Playing a roiling mix of old time country, rubber-necking bluegrass covers and giggle-worthy originals, this band will keep audiences grooving until way past their bed time.

Family friendly sing-alongs, blistering banjo solos and 4 part harmonies that will make you twist your ear horns and politely ask for more, Ben and the band are up for any kind of show!

Just remember, we sure as heck ain't no boy band!

Meet the Grown-ass Men!

Ben Larson

"Old Man Ben"

Lead vocals, guitar

Paul Gorsuch


Banjo, vocals

John Cotton

"Grandpa Cotton"

Bass, harmonica, vocals

Jason Pfahl

Percussion, sound, vocals